Local Elections 2018

On 3rd May 2018, you were asked to vote on who you believe would best represent your local ward for Rochford District Council and select wards in Basildon Council. Current Conservative councillors, candidates and volunteers, have once again tirelessly pressed on important local issues in your local area and many of you recognised that commitment by voting for your Conservative candidate. A huge thank you to all those volunteers who helped during the campaign and to the voters that have allowed our fine councillors to continue to do great work for the community. 

Some of the team at the 2018 Local Elections

Below are the candidates who were successfully elected to represent their community. Detailed results can be found by clicking on the link for Basildon Borough Council and Rochford District Council


Your Conservative Rochford District Council candidates:


Foulness & The Wakerings - Jo McPherson* 

Hawkwell East - Phil Shaw

Hawkwell West - Julie Gooding

Hockley - Brian Hazlewood and Keith Hudson 

Hockley and Ashingdon - Terry Cutmore

Lodge - Simon Smith

Roche North and Rural - Laureen Shaw

Roche South - Mike Steptoe*

Sweyne Park and Grange - Carol Pavelin 

Trinity - David Merrick 

Wheatley - Robin Dray


Your Conservative Basildon Borough Council candidates: 


Wickford Castledon - Malcolm Buckley

Wickford North - Peter Holliman

Wickford Park - George Jeffery


*These wards fall within the Rochford and Southend East Conservative Association. 


The new and returning councillors of Rochford District Council