Cllr Steve Castle's County View

The past few months have been a real rollercoaster. Being responsible for Education across the county I was really pleased with the efforts that youngsters put in to achieve a huge improvement in GCSE results in Essex, compared to other parts of the country. Too often people criticise education in this country accusing it of becoming “dumbed down”. But anyone who is a parent will know how hard our young people are working to achieve those results.
At the same time the coalition government has had to find massive savings as it tries to deal with years of Labour financial mismanagement. Promises were made by the last government that it knew it had no chance of fulfilling.
These cuts will hit education hard and the next few months will see some really tough decisions as we try to cope with the new financial environment. My colleagues and I at County Hall will be working to try and minimise the effects on Schools and other essential services in Rayleigh, but the reality is that people will see a real difference in the services that they receive.

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