Final opportunity to visit bypass and station virtual exhibition

More than 1,500 people have visited a virtual ‘village hall’ to find out about and give views on plans for a new station at Beaulieu and North East bypass of Chelmsford.

This week offers the final opportunity to visit the web-based exhibition, which is set to close on Friday, after being launched in place of more traditional public events during the Covid-19 situation,

One of the largest new infrastructure projects in the county, the Chelmsford North East Bypass and Beaulieu Station scheme is being developed following the award of £218 million of Government funding.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “Over the last six weeks people of all ages and local areas have visited the virtual village hall, to find out more about these critical new infrastructure improvements.

“The exhibition has successfully replaced more traditional village hall events during the Covid-19 situation and proved and excellent way for people to find out about the proposals and also give us their views and opinions.”

Cllr Bentley said that the new bypass and station would help support and manage the future growth of Chelmsford and the surrounding areas making it easier to travel into and out of the city.

He added: “Importantly, the scheme will also reduce congestion in the city centre and on our local road network as well as relieve pressure on Chelmsford station, which is well known as one the busiest commuter stations in the country.

“However, as with all proposals of this scale, there is an impact on the local area and it is important that we ensure local people and businesses understand what is being proposed and have the opportunity to give their comments and views.

“That is why we progressed with the new-style virtual exhibition, rather than simply cancel the walk-in events that we had planned.”

Visitors to the virtual village hall can see more information on the plans, including a film with a ‘fly-through’ of the scheme, by heading to  For any enquiries, email