Rochford District Core Strategy Announcement

On Tuesday 2nd November 2011, at the full Council Meeting of Rochford District Council at the Civic Suite in Rayleigh, Councillor Keith Hudson, Portfolio Holder for Planning & Transportation, got to his feet to make this momentous announcement.
“It has been a long time coming” - That was the first line of my speech to this Council on 9th September 2009 and how true those words have proven to be, but Chairman I am pleased to advise that the wait is over.
To quote Ms Laura Graham of the Planning Inspectorate “I find that the core strategy has complied with the legal requirements and is sound.”
Chairman, I have nothing but praise for the planning officers of this Council who have put together a legal, deliverable and sustainable plan for the future development of our district. Having achieved that which so many others have failed to do, they proceeded to nurse it through a change of central government, delays and directives following High Court Litigation and a very thorough public examination.  
In addition my praise extends in full measure to the Members of this Council who have had the courage to take extremely difficult decisions and who will be rewarded by the knowledge that our District is no longer at risk from unlimited predatory planning applications.
Chairman, during the currency of this plan we shall see over seven thousand new jobs created; high value, highly skilled jobs so desperately needed.  We shall see new homes both affordable and general market, built for our Children; built in locations and with such appropriate measures applied so as to ensure the protection of the District’s environment. We shall release less than 1% of our precious green belt. Our Core Strategy identifies issues such as the location and type of new housing, sites for employment development, strategic infrastructure requirements and Town Centre enhancements; all of which will help to improve the quality of life and to bring prosperity to our Residents.
Chairman, I regret the time that these procedures have taken, the delay was not of our making, but never the less the anxiety through uncertainty that this has caused is most regrettable. That uncertainty is now over.
Chairman – The Core Strategy for the District of Rochford complies with the legal requirements and is sound – I look forward to bringing it before this Council on 13th December for formal adoption.