The SNP will hold a weak Ed Miliband to ransom

Today's headlines make it clear: the SNP are planning to hold a weak Ed Miliband to ransom - and you'll pay for it.But you can stop it by voting Conservative. SHARE with friends to let them know.

The only way Ed Miliband can get into power

With Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, the only way Ed Miliband can get into power is with the SNP propping him up.That would leave him at the mercy of their demands - and you'd pay for them with more taxes, more borrowin

Why won't they rule out a deal with the SNP?

Why won't Ed Miliband and his team rule out working with the SNP?The answer is clear: with Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, Ed Miliband has to be propped up by the SNP to get into power.We'll all pay for the SNP's de

Flood Forum

More than 60 residents attended a meeting organised by Rochford District Council to address local flooding issues.The Forum for Surface Water Flooding Issues brought together organisations including Essex Highways, Anglian Water and the Essex County Council Flood Management Team for an in depth discussion about how to resolve issues across the District.

New scheme to promote business start-ups in Wickford

A PILOT scheme has been launched by Basildon Council to promote new business start ups and entrepreneurs in Wickford. 

The council is offering free use of barrows and market pitches where new businesses can trial their ventures as ‘pop-up stalls.’

Drains, Ditches & Flooding

What is the purpose of a District Council, or any Council for that matter?
There are services that the Council are legally required to provide and there are other services that are optional and I think that it may be expedient to step back a little and consider exactly what outcomes our Residents truly want and whether we can find the means to deliver them.

Historically Councils were first formed and permitted to raise taxes to achieve two aims:
Provide homes and improve the welfare of the poor.
Resolve drainage problems which was the blight of the nation’s health especially in Towns and villages.

Local County & District Elections

 We have both County and District Elections taking place in our Constiuency. It is very important for the wellbeing of our District and our County that we will give full support to our Representatives standing for Election.In Rayleigh we have John Flack for Rayleigh South; and Malcolm Maddocks for Rayleigh North; with Keith Hudson in Rochford West. Robin Dray will be standing for Rochford District in Whitehouse Ward, Rayleigh.Please look at the InTouch pages for more details about the Conservative candidates.
A framed commemorative picture of Margaret Thatcher will be available to purchase will all profits going to the Association. 

Judge rules in favour of Council’s Core Strategy

 Rochford District Council has successfully defended a legal claim against its Core Strategy. The Core Strategy - the key planning document for the entire District that sets out how the area will develop over the next 15 years, addressing issues such as housing, employment, town centre enhancements, and the environment, had been subject to a legal challenge by Cogent LLP. Following a court hearing in Cardiff at the end of May a judgment has now been issued which rules in favour of Rochford District Council.