Conservatives Maintain Control

We wish to congratulate all the candidates who were successfully elected this time round, and for those who were unsuccessful this time, we are sure your time will come.

The outcome of the local elections and the Referendum on the AV Campaign was highly satisfactory for the Conservative Party, both nationally and locally.
It had been predicted by the pundits that the Conservatives would lose "a few hundred" seats and in the event we gained almost 100.  Unusually for a Party in Government, our vote share went up since that recorded at the General Election and according to some experts, our projected share of the vote nationally, slighlty exceeded that achieved by Labour.
Locally, we were very satisfied with the results.  On Rochford District Council we won one seat, Sweyne Park and lost one in Hawkwell West.  With one vacancy due to the recent death of a councillor, we hold 31 seats out of 39.  On Basildon Borough Council we held all of the seats in Wickford and in fact throughout the Borough, we held every seat we were defending leaving the Conservatives in power with a majority of 16.