Rt Hon. Mark Francois MP

MP for Rayleigh and Wickford
Mark Francois was born in Islington in 1965 and moved to Basildon with his parents in 1971. He now lives in Rayleigh but, like quite a number of his constituents, has a family link back to London. He attended Bristol University and King’s College, London, where he read history and war studies respectively.

John Flack MEP

MEP for the East of England
John was born and bred in the East of England, with generations of his family farming the lands on the Essex/Cambridgeshire border. John has four sons and lives in the East of England with his wife, Louise, and their Sussex Spaniel, Noggins.

Geoffrey Van Orden MBE MEP

MEP for the East of England - Vice-Chairman of the ECR Group and Conservative Spokesman on Security and Defence
Geoffrey was first elected MEP for the East of England in 1999. Geoffrey is a member of the Countryside Alliance and British Association for Shooting and Conservation. Geoffrey is a former British Army Brigadier with wide international and operational experience, particularly in the field of counter-terrorism. He is married, with three daughters.

David Campbell Bannerman MEP

MEP for the East of England
David Campbell Bannerman, known affectionately as ‘DCB’, is a Conservative MEP for the East of England. David has long-standing connections with the area and has family here. He was first elected to the European Parliament in June 2009.