John Flack MEP

About John

John was born and bred in the East of England, with generations of his family farming the lands on the Essex/Cambridgeshire border. John has four sons and lives in the East of England with his wife, Louise, and their Sussex Spaniel, Noggins. 

John is a property professional with 40 years’ experience building small & medium sized businesses in East Anglia, with considerable experience of the responsibilities and frustrations of being an employer. He is used to battling unnecessary government red tape that so often stems from rules made in Brussels.

Upon his appointment as an MEP, John stood down as managing director of the commercial property investment company he started in 1983. He is now chairman, a role which leaves him free to work full time as an MEP across the East of England.

Political Career

John has 40+ years record of loyal party service, including serving as Association & Area Chairman, a General Election Agent and Council Election Agent on five occasions.

  • July 2017: John was appointed to serve as an MEP, following the resignation of Vicky Ford MEP, upon her election as Member of Parliament for Chelmsford. John is appointed as Conservative Delegation spokesman to the European Parliament’s Regional Development Committee (REGI) and also appointed to the Fisheries (PECH) and the Internal Market (IMCO) committees.
  • 2014 Euro Election: John was selected by Party members to stand first behind the Party’s three re-standing MEPs on the regional list of seven Candidates. The top three re-standing MEPs are elected. As “cusp” candidate John is next in line.
  • 2009 Euro Election: John topped the members postal ballot, but national party policy ranked sitting MEPs and an excellent female Candidate ahead of him.  John therefore accepted the “cusp” 4th place on the Party list and as a result John narrowly missed election.
  • Eastern Region Deputy Chairman Political 2009-2012: John supported Associations across six counties, particularly at Council by-elections
  • Eastern Region Chairman 2003-2006: John worked with MEPs, and Area and Constituency officers. He visited most Associations & helped directly with campaigning in dozens of seats.
  • 2004 Euro Election: As Regional Chairman John worked full-time supporting Conservative candidates.
  • 2007 Local Elections: John was an Agent for both Norwich City Council seats & Broadland District Council seats (20 candidates in total), where we increased our number of seats.
  • 1999 Euro Election: London List candidate.
  • 1994 Euro Election: Candidate for the single member seat of Northumbria.
  • 1999. Euro Election: London List candidate.