Drains, Ditches & Flooding

What is the purpose of a District Council, or any Council for that matter?
There are services that the Council are legally required to provide and there are other services that are optional and I think that it may be expedient to step back a little and consider exactly what outcomes our Residents truly want and whether we can find the means to deliver them.

Historically Councils were first formed and permitted to raise taxes to achieve two aims:
Provide homes and improve the welfare of the poor.
Resolve drainage problems which was the blight of the nation’s health especially in Towns and villages.

Conservatives Maintain Control

The Conservative Group at Rochford District Council welcomed 4 new Councillors:Angela Hale becomes the new Councillor for Hullbridge, Bob Pointer becomes the new Councillor for Hawkwell North, Toby Mountain becomes the new Councillor for Sweyne Park, and Ian Ward becomes the new Councillor for Lodge.