Hockley & Ashingdon

Cllr Michael Carter  -
Contact details:
2 Betts Cottages, Betts Lane, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4RE
Tel: 07958 707070     
E-mail: CllrMichael.Carter@rochford.gov.uk

Cllr Terry Cutmore   - Hockley & Ashingdon
Contact details:
9 Highcliffe Crescent, Ashingdon, Rochford  SS4 3HN 
Tel: 01702 544511    
E-mail:  CllrTerry.Cutmore@rochford.gov.uk

Cllr Mrs Carole Weston 
Contact details:
101 Greensward Lane, Hockley, SS5 5HG
Tel: 07525 714715  
E-mail:  CllrCarole.Weston@rochford.gov.uk


Cllr Brian Hazlewood 
Contact details:
16 Westminster Drive, Hockley,  SS5 4XD  
Tel: 01702 201786   
E-mail:  CllrBrian.Hazlewood@rochford.gov.uk

Hawkwell East

Cllr Lesley Butcher
Contact details:
19, Mansted Gardens, Rochford, Essex, SS4 3DE
Tel: 07872 937552   
E-mail:  CllrLesley.Butcher@rochford.gov.uk

Cllr Mike Webb - Hawkwell East
Contact details:
11 Roche Avenue, Rochford, SS4 1NG
Tel: 07714 916263
E-mail:  CllrMike.Webb@rochford.gov.uk

Hawkwell West

Cllr Julie Gooding
Contact details:
119 Rectory Road, Hawkwell,  SS5 4LL
Tel: 07720 053435
E-mail:  CllrJulie.Gooding@rochford.gov.uk


We have no Conservative councillors at present, but please contact Cllr Miss Angelina Marriott, Vice Chairman of Hullbridge Parish Council on 07958 351181 if you have any issues.

Downhall & Rawreth

We have no Conservative councillors at present, but please contact Cllr Mrs Cheryl Roe on 01268 777939  if you have any issues.


Cllr Simon Smith 
10 Hawthorn Way, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8SP
Tel: 07983 485570    
E-mail:  CllrSimon.Smith@rochford.gov.uk 

Cllr Bob Milne
Contact details:
8, Connaught Walk, Rayleigh, SS6 8UY
Tel: 01702 520883    
E-mail:  CllrBob.Milne@rochford.gov.uk 

Cllr Ian Ward
Contact details:
79 Barrymore Walk, Rayleigh, SS6 8YJ
Tel: 01268 770865 or 07930 337598
E-mail:  CllrIan.Ward@rochford.gov.uk 

Roche North & Rural

Cllr Mrs Laureen Shaw
Contact details: - 
2, The Laxtons, Rochford, SS4 3BE  
Tel:  01702 540398   
E-mail: CllrLaureen.Shaw@rochford.gov.uk

Cllr George Ioannou 
Contact details:
"Windsor" Little Stambridge Hall Lane, Rochford, SS4 1EN
Tel: 01702 542178  
E-mail:  CllrGeorge.Ioannou@rochford.gov.uk

Sweyne Park & Grange

Cllr Mrs June Lumley  
Contact details:
38, London Road, Rayleigh  SS6 9JE  
Tel: 01268 784147 Mobile: 07770 653787       
E-mail: CllrJune.Lumley@rochford.gov.uk


Cllr David Merrick 
Contact details:
7 Louise Road, Rayleigh, SS6 8LW    
Tel: 01268 770282   
E-mail:  CllrDavid.Merrick@rochford.gov.uk 

Cllr Mrs Cheryl E Roe 
Contact details:
39 Windsor Way, Rayleigh  SS6 8PE   
Tel: 01268 777939 (H) Tel: 07885 463732 (M)  
E-mail: CllrCheryl.Roe@rochford.gov.uk

Cllr Dave Sperring  
Contact details:
3 Uplands Park Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8AH   
Tel: 01268 774181
E-mail:  CllrDave.Sperring@rochford.gov.uk


Cllr Robin Dray
Contact details:
140, Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, SS6 7JR 
Tel: 01268 742842   
E-mail:  CllrRobin.Dray@rochford.gov.uk

Cllr John Griffin
Contact details:
9, Spring Gardens, Rayleigh, SS6 7DE
Tel: 07976 740388   
E-mail:  CllrJohn.Griffin@rochford.gov.uk


Cllr Chris Jackman  - Wickford Park
Contact details:
11 Long Meadow Drive, Wickford  SS11 8AY
Tel:  07762 888775
E-mail:   chris.jackman@members.basildon.gov.uk

Cllr Mrs Carole Morris  - Wickford North
Contact details:
24 The Hastings, Wickford  SS11 7EQ 
Tel:  01268 457488   
E-mail:  carole.morris@members.basildon.gov.uk

Cllr Don Morris  - Wickford Castledon
Contact details:
24 The Hastings, Wickford  SS11 7EQ 
Tel:  01268 457488   
E-mail:  don.morris@members.basildon.gov.uk

Cllr Michael Mowe  - Wickford North
Contact details:
99 Station Avenue, Wickford  SS11 7AY 
Tel:  01268 463564   
E-mail:  michael.mowe@members.basildon.gov.uk