Local Elections 2019

On 2nd May 2019, you were asked to vote on who you believe would best represent your local ward for Rochford District Council and select wards in Basildon Council.

Emergency temporary accommodation to be provided in Rochford

Rochford District Council will offer 11 self-contained rooms at the Kings Head in Rochford to individuals who urgently need to be housed, ensuring that they can continue to live in Rochford District and maintain their local ties and support networks.

In Touch - Summer edition

Download the summer In Touch to find out what your Conservative councillors have been doing in your local area. 

Conservatives increase majority in Rochford District Council

Last night the Conservative Group on Rochford District Council increased their majority after gaining four seats from its opposition. This increases the Conservative’s majority and will allow the continuation of the policies that the residents have endorsed through the ballot box.

Election News

We are pleased to say Rochford District has a louder voice at Essex County Council after elections on the 4th May 2017. Please read on...

Rochford District Conservative Party Promise

Our aims are for strong and effective policing of our neighbourhood, a clean, safe and pleasant environment to live in, with an infrastructure fit for purpose and best value for council tax revenues.

Flood Forum

More than 60 residents attended a meeting organised by Rochford District Council to address local flooding issues.The Forum for Surface Water Flooding Issues brought together organisations including Essex Highways, Anglian Water and the Essex County Council Flood Management Team for an in depth discussion about how to resolve issues across the District.

New scheme to promote business start-ups in Wickford

A PILOT scheme has been launched by Basildon Council to promote new business start ups and entrepreneurs in Wickford. 

The council is offering free use of barrows and market pitches where new businesses can trial their ventures as ‘pop-up stalls.’

Drains, Ditches & Flooding

What is the purpose of a District Council, or any Council for that matter?
There are services that the Council are legally required to provide and there are other services that are optional and I think that it may be expedient to step back a little and consider exactly what outcomes our Residents truly want and whether we can find the means to deliver them.

Historically Councils were first formed and permitted to raise taxes to achieve two aims:
Provide homes and improve the welfare of the poor.
Resolve drainage problems which was the blight of the nation’s health especially in Towns and villages.