Young Conservatives

To bring together those young people who feel passionately enough about their country, and wish to preserve the best of British traditions we all love and respect such as; good manners, respect for others, and a fundamental belief that the individual should take responsibility for their own lives. To get involved in politics in a way, that will allow their views and their voices to be heard on all aspects of our nation's well being, and it's governance from local to national level.

1. To promote the Conservative Party and general political awareness, not only through direct and effective campaigning, but also through charity, public speaking, and social and wider community events.
2. To provide our members with a forum to become directly involved in the Conservative Party and to influence and shape the Party's future.
3. To ensure that our members have fun and benefit personally through their involvement with our Society and the local and national Conservative Party.

Our Aims:
To improve the quality of life for everyone through:
* A dynamic economy, where thriving businesses create jobs, wealth and opportunity;
* A strong society, where our families, our communities and our nation create secure foundations on which people can build their lives;
* A sustainable environment, where we enhance the beauty of our surroundings and protect the future of our planet.

Our Values:
The more we trust people, the stronger they and society become. We're all in this together - government, business, the community, the voluntary sector, families and individuals. We have a shared responsibility for our shared future.

If you think we're what you're looking for, get in contact with us via the contact page.